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Mesta Electronics, Inc. specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced power quality and power conversion equipment. Mesta's products offer innovative design, superior efficiency, and exceptional reliability, ranging from highly advanced harmonic filters to extremely precise induction heating power supplies. Mesta is involved in several different industries; its induction heating power supplies are prominent in the crystal and material growth market, while its active harmonic filters can be found in a variety of different manufacturing, water, and power facilities. Since 1977, Mesta has proudly been a family run company and has continued to grow throughout its second generation of leadership.

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Mesta DPM™ Active Harmonic Filter

•Actively reduces harmonic distortion to below 5%

•Instantly reacts to varying loads

•Improves power factor to near unity

•Parallel system installation

•98% operational efficiency

•Advanced LCD touchscreen display

•USB Data Retrieval

•Balances three phase loads

•Corrects for single/multiple loads

•UL and CUL listed

•  Facilitates IEEE-519-2014 compliance

•  Eliminates high transient harmonics during sudden load changes

•  Decreases utility costs

•  Accomodates large scale applications

•  Lowers operating costs and increases reliability

•  Provides detailed power information

•  Delivers comprehensive historical information

•  Increases usable system capacity

•  Enables cost effective solutions

•  Ensures quality production and standards

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