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MTE Corporation provides simple, robust power quality solutions. Power quality management requirements differ significantly by utility, Industry, application and country.  MTE offers many power quality and filter products for both input (line-side) and output (load-side) of variable frequency drives (VFD's) and power conversion equipment, These components represent strategic elements of power quality.  MTE provides complete power quality solutions for automation in oil and gas, water/wastewater, HVAC and other industries.

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DC Link Chokes

Control DC bus voltage right in your VFD

MTE’s DC LINK CHOKES, also referred to as DC line chokes or inductor chokes, are an economical means of filtering and controlling the DC bus voltage and current in a variable speed drive/inverter. They help reduce AC input line current harmonic distortion while absorbing DC bus voltage spikes. Link Chokes add protection and filtering but should not be considered a direct alternative to AC input or output reactors.

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MTE’s DC LINK CHOKES offer the advantage of maximizing the circuit inductance for power quality reasons, but without causing an AC input line voltage drop. Link Chokes can be used individually, typically on the positive DC bus, or in pairs with one each on both the positive and negative bus. When two DC Link Chokes are used on the bus, the inductance is additive. You will need twice as much inductance on the DC bus as used on the AC input (per phase) to accomplish the same performance experienced with AC input reactors. For best performance combine the use of both an AC input reactor and a DC Link Choke.

NOTE: While DC Link Chokes increase the internal filtering and have the ability to absorb spikes, because of their circuit location they do not protect the input bridge rectifier. They do not offer protection for the inverter output circuit due to their location on the DC bus.


  • UL-508 Component recognized (File #E180243)

  • 1000 Volts DC maximum

  • For ripple frequency of 300hz or 360hz

  • Suitable for 40 C ambient temperature

  • Class B Insulation System (130C)

  • Suitable for ripple current of 10% peak-to-peak

Use DC Link Chokes In Applications Such as:

  • AC PWM inverters/drives

  • DC to AC inverters

  • Variable frequency motor drives

  •  Electrical vehicle inverters


  • Solid Copper Box lug type terminals on most sizes

  • Specially constructed and epoxy impregnated for low noise

  • Customized ratings also available—contact factory for custom mounting, inductance, current or ripple requirements

1000 Volts DC
Filters 300/360 Hz Ripple Current

Use MTE DC Link Choke to:

  • Reduce AC input line harmonics

  • Help meet IEEE-519 limits

  • Absorb voltage/current spikes

  • Reduce AC ripple on DC bus

  • Reduce dv/dt and di/dt rates

  • Solve nuisance over-voltage tripping

  • Reduce DC Bus transient over-voltage

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