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Power Quality. Solved.

MTE Corporation provides simple, robust power quality solutions. Power quality management requirements differ significantly by utility, Industry, application and country.  MTE offers many power quality and filter products for both input (line-side) and output (load-side) of variable frequency drives (VFD's) and power conversion equipment, These components represent strategic elements of power quality.  MTE provides complete power quality solutions for automation in oil and gas, water/wastewater, HVAC and other industries.

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Solutions Catalog

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Nexus™ SineWave Filter

The latest in motor protection.

From the leaders in motor protection.

MTE’s SineWave Nexus™ filter combines the performance of a sinewave filter with our patented common mode protection technology into a single passive device. The SineWave Nexus not only cleans the PWM waveform generated by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), it virtually eliminates common mode voltage which causes motor bearing failures. By filtering out the damaging common mode voltage, motor bearings are never subject to those harmful voltages that cause pitting, frosting, or fluting damage that leads to motor failure. Eliminate the need for costly isolation transformers, or shaft grounding rings that require regular maintenance and replacement, with the SineWave Nexus – an electrical solution for an electrical problem

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The optimal solution for reducing common mode and differential mode voltages and currents.

    • Increases motor life

    • Eliminates motor failures due to bearing currents

    • Reduces motor noise and heating

    • Small package solution

    • Three-year warranty

Select filters based on the Full Load Amps (FLA) of the motor.  If the FLA is greater than the current rating of the filter, use the next larger filter.
Note: The motor KW and HP ratings listed below are for reference only.

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