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Macromatic Industrial Controls

Located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Macromatic Industrial Controls engineers and manufactures industrial relays that control electrical processes and protects equipment from damaging or hazardous fault conditions. Macromatic provides solutions for almost any application in any industry. Macromatic’s products are used in the oil and gas, HVACR, pump control, material handling, irrigation, wastewater, mining, hoist, motor control, generator, lift and elevator industries and many more. As an independently-owned manufacturer of state-of-the-art control and monitoring products for over 40 years, Macromatic takes pride in its short lead-time, flexible product design, and exceptional technical support.

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Product Overview


Macromatic offers a wide variety of time delay relays (sometimes referred to as timing relays or timers). First choose the type of mounting configuration required for your application and then select from a variety of functions, time setting methods & output configurations:

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Time Delay Relays Cover.jpg

Definition of Timing Functions

Definition of Timing Functions.jpg

THR-1 Series

THR-3 Series

THS-1 Series

THL-1 Series

1 THR-1 Series.jpg
2 THR-3 Series.jpg
3 THS-1 Series.jpg
4 THL-1 Series.jpg

THL-8 Series

TR-5 Series

TR-6 Series

TD-8 Series

5 THL-8 Series.jpg
6 TR-5 Series.jpg
8 TR-6 Series Time Ranger.jpg
9 TD-8 Series.jpg

TD-7 Series

TAD Series

TAA Series

TE-881 Series

10 TD-7 Series.jpg
11 TAD Series.jpg
12 TAA Series.jpg
13 TE-881 Series.jpg

Sockets & Accessories

KnowledgeBase Articles

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