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"PolyGuard" Polycarbonate Enclosures

UL-Listed Type 4X, 12, 6P, and 13  File No. E226322

  • Durable polycarbonate construction is light, easy to machine, extremely impact resistant

  • UL-50 Listed for submersible applications, using up to 3" conduit hubs

  • Available in external hinge construction as well as junction box construction

  • External hinge design is easy to snap on and off, streamlining production or easing cover replacement

  • Flat Covers and Side Walls make component and label installation easy

  • Stainless Steel Slide-On Latching attaches latches firmly, without leaky rivets or bolts

  • Four #10-32 inserts are provided on standard centers for subpanel installation

  • Unique panel suspension system allow easy mounting of dead fronts and panel stacking

  • Independently orient-able mounting feet or mounting optional flanges ease installation

  • Closed Cell fit-in-place gasket is durable, seals tight, and is easy to replace if necessary

  • Modifications services (holes, color, screen printing) are available 

  • Our clear covers are 100% clear…no "gate marks" to obstruct your components in our design        

Polyguard Enclosure.png

Available in eight fundamental sizes ranging from 6"x4"x3.5" through 16"x14"x7", these enclosures are designed to protect your components and systems in the most difficult environments.

PolyGuard Applications.jpg

PolyGuard™ Small Junction Boxes with Integral Flange Mount

Enclosure Solutions, Inc. expands its unique enclosure offering with these high-quality dual-design junction box/hinged enclosures. Available in two sizes, these small boxes provide sure protection for your components in the most difficult conditions.


UL Listed Type 4X, 6P, 12, and 13

  • Molded in glass-filed polypropylene for extreme chemical resistance

  • Available in two sizes, 5"x3"x4" and 7"x5"x4"

  • Internal threaded bosses for sub-panel mounting

  • Unique cover hinges and lifts off with removeable hinging

  • Integral mounting flange with fillets for strong, sure mounting

  • UV rating is F1

  • Flame Rating is 5VA

  • Available with optional push-button holes

  • Individually packaged

  • Junction boxes in wet locations

  • Control stations and pushbutton stations

  • Pendant applications

  • Pump and water treatment controls

Wireless Repeater Enclosures – NEMA 4X

  • Available in 32”x16”x6” (the “Maxi”) to house the repeater enclosure with high gain antennas,  or choose the 16”x16”x6” (the “Mini”) version with PVC Antenna Protection System and minimize the installation footprint

  • Customization for your specific application is available

  • Choose between draw down latching or keyed quarter-turn latching

  • PVC material with construction technique, combined with full penetration, like-material welding produces a strong, durable enclosure.

  • Use standard PVC solvent cement to attach fittings

  • NEMA 4X construction

  • The mounting foot system makes installation easy and adaptable

  • Each mini enclosure ships with two 14" sheaths to protect two high-gain antennas


Protect your wireless fire alarm systems in an enclosure designed specifically for that application

The PVC material is invisible to radio waves, allowing full protection with full functionality

Universal Series Medium Range PVC Enclosures

The Universal Series of medium sized enclosures brings the benefits of engineered thermoplastic material selection to a size range of enclosures never before available.

Ranging in standard dimensions from 18"x16"x10" to 60"x36"x16", these enclosures give you the opportunity to use enclosures that are lighter, non-corrosive, easy to machine, and inherently safer than their metal or FRP equivalents.

  • Industrial Control Panels

  • Pump controls/Water Treatment

  • Instrumentation and Contols

  • Solar/Wind/Geothermal Controls and Systems

  • RF Controls/ Wireless Systems

  • Irrigation and Water Control

  • Marine and High-Corrosion Applications

  • Applications where weight reduction is important

  • PVC Sheet construction is light, easy to machine, extremely impact resistant

  • Any size is available in addition to the standard sizes. You choose length, width and depth. Call us for details.

  • Easy to install subpanels with internal mounting panel threaded bosses

  • Flat walls and covers make installation easy and straight

  • PVC Sheet material is UV resistant for outdoor use, V-0 Flame Rated

  • Independently orientable mounting feet ease installation (Style S)

  • Integral Flange Mounting System is also available (Style F)

  • Closed cell neoprene gasket is durable, seals tight, and easy to replace if necessary

  • Modification services are available

  • Note that all enclosures ship with mounting system, base, and cover


"TrueCustom™" Enclosures and Shapes

Enclosure Solutions is proud to offer the TrueCustom™ Series of non-metallic enclosures and shapes to the marketplace. Using our unique fabrication and engineering capabilities, through the TrueCustom program we can quite literally offer anything you need.


Based on the same concepts as our Universal Series™ and AMR SmartCabinet™ Series,  you can now get the exact enclosure dimensions and features you need, at the same time enjoying the benefits of engineered thermoplastic construction. Tooling costs and long lead times are eliminated as we build your custom product, one at a time, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.   Traditional barriers to non-metallic enclosure use are eliminated with TrueCustom™.

Call us today to find out more about this exciting, unique product offering. With TrueCustom™, Enclosure Solutions literally offers the widest, most diverse enclosure offering in the industry.

  • You specify length, width, depth, mounting means, windows, latching, even desired NEMA rating

  • Enjoy the benefits of thermoplastic enclosures such as light weight, non-corrosive, non-conductive, ease of modification

  • Avoid the expense of special tooling, especially desirable for short run or one-off applications

YAGI Antenna Enclosures

New from Enclosure Solutions is a custom enclosure specifically designed to protect the YAGI antenna. These PVC NEMA 4X enclosures are designed as screw cover junction boxes to accept the direct installation of the YAGI Antenna. Constructed in 0.25” PVC Sheet with a V-O Flame rating and UV Stabilization, these custom enclosures are designed to meet NEMA 4X construction standards just like our Wireless Repeater Enclosures.

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